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“The dancefloors have spoken and dancefloors don't lie...”

Hagop’s musical development began amidst the glare of stage lights in his school theatre, where the future DJ/Producer would do the lights or sound for jazz concerts at his school. This experience gave him a love of jazz legends such as Miles Davis and Glenn Miller. In an intriguing parallel, the young Hagop was slowly becoming disenchanted by the overhyped Britpop on conventional radio and at the same time being entranced by the sonic rebelliousness of pirate stations. In his own glorious words, “I loved the rawness of the music, and the attitudes of the DJs, who were breaking the law, risking their freedom and their record collections to fly the flag for their culture. This was a polar opposite to the slick produced shows and A & B playlists of national radio. Pirate music was genuine and legitimate and this can-do attitude as much as the music itself influenced me to get involved”. Hagop’s consciousness combined his early jazz influences with more outlandish urban underground idols such as Lee Scratch Perry, The Prodigy, Orbital, Fun Lovin’ Criminals (whose debut album he still claims as being one of his favourite records) and Fugazi in a compelling combination that is reflected in his music.

This year has been extraordinary for Hagop with sets at Basscamp Festival in the French Alps, Secret Garden Party (on three different stages) The Fire Engine in the Kinetic Kasbah, Shambala, Bestival and in a set at Glade (that included all the Jump artists) that is fast attaining the status of minor legend.

In his own words: “For me this is another step in life and my musical career. I've had some fantastic experiences from being in a band that played to an audience of 100,000 at a festival of peace in Kazan, Russia, to supporting Grandmaster Flash in Bristol, doing sound for the Foreign Beggars, and DJing at a private party in one of St.Petersburg's grandest palaces. I'm very excited about Jump Music as an outlet for my music and the music of artists who I've been playing for many years. The dancefloors have spoken and dancefloors don't lie. Expect the unexpected; dance music, the fusing and blurring of genres, and healthy amounts of bass (too much is never enough)”.